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Generations of craftsmen serving
Charlottesville & Albemarle since 1972


R.L. Beyer Custom Home Builders has a distinct reputation in the building industry being devoted solely to the Central Virginia home market. Rick Beyer along with his wife, Diana started the company in 1972 building modest homes. Rick and Diana, along with their staff, are attentive to every detail - the initial design, thoughtfully siting the home, selecting colors and finishing details, and insuring the completed home is of the caliber that has granted them the highly respected reputation in the homebuilding community. 

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Rick and Diana Beyer


Talented designers and seasoned craftsman oversee the finishing details and warranty of the home with the new homeowners. The appreciation and use of natural materials have always been reflected in the designs long before the trend of organic materials emerged in the marketplace. Handcrafted wood pillars, custom designed spaces, handsome hand laid hardwood floors, and stained glass artifacts used as interior transoms are just a few of the unique elements of these fine homes. 

The Legacy

Over 4 Decades of Experience

Loyalty and commitment to construction of integrity are evident and have been accomplished by long time craftsmen affiliated with Beyer – 3 foremen that have 35 to 40 years with the company managing the many details and are now mentoring their 4 adult sons to carry on the legacy

Rick Beyer, Owner, Established Business
Rick Beyer – Founder and President of R.L. Beyer Custom Home Builders 1972

Rick grew up on a Fluvanna County farm and found a love of ‘building’ at the age of 7 in his dad’s barn by stacking the rectangular hay bales into various forts and tunnels.   Today, while the methods are current and sophisticated, he continues to have a passion for construction from the proper siting of the foundation to the finishing details of the home.

Diana Beyer – Co-founder & Designer

Diana and Rick have been a perfect blend of talents.  Diana is tirelessly committed to the details with an artist’s eye.  She is instrumental in the final review of designs and implementing the tasteful choices of the finishing specifications that have become a trademark for the company’s stellar reputation.

Teddy Cosner – Acclaimed Designer

Teddy has been with R.L. Beyer Custom Homebuilders since 1980 and offers a tremendous amount of expertise in the homebuilding process.  The integrity of the home designs is evident with the longevity of the company.

Pete 2.jpg
Peter Neill – Home Designer and Selection Coordinator

While Peter is one of the ‘younger’ members of the R.L. Beyer Custom Home Builders team, joining in 2016, he is no rookie to the homebuilding industry.  Having grown up in a family of homebuilders and having his own development and building company for many years, he is a valued employee, bringing a wealth of knowledge to all aspects of the building business.

Eugene Offield, Warranty Supervisor, Hir
Eugene Offield – Warranty Manager

With over 3 decades of experience, Warranty Supervisor, Eugene Offield has been with Beyer Homes since 1985.  Having been a master craftsman in various trades over the years, his extensive expertise is valuable to both the company and new homeowner.

Andy Hamshar, Supervisor since 1981 with
Andy Hamshar & Son Travis

Andy, Job Supervisor, joined the ranks in 1981.  He has ably managed crews over the years with the complex designs in Ashcroft.  In 2000, his adult son, Travis, joined the company and has become a Carpentry Foreman and master carpenter in his own right.

Ray Morris, Supervisor Since 1981 with S
Ray Morris & Sons Ryan and Hunter

Ray is a Job Supervisor and also joined the company in 1981.  As a job supervisor he has mentored and guided his two sons Ryan and Hunter to be a valued carpenter and carpenter helper.  Ryan offers over 15 years of experience and Hunter over 5 years.

Kenny Eppard & Son Mac

Kenny has been a ‘behind the scenes’ supervisor since 1981 diligently committed to maintaining the community and grounds.  In 2007 Mac teamed up with his dad to glean from his expertise and expand their efforts.

Dianne Ratcliffe

Dianne is another veteran of the company having started in 1985.  Under her able management, the extensive accounting responsibilities are maintained  for the company.

Kathy Lent

Kathy joined the company in 1989 and is the welcoming face you see when visiting the R.L. Beyer office.  She is greatly valued for her commitment to her various responsibilities as warranty coordinator and purchasing manager.

Victoria Gray

As an assistant for bookkeeping and rentals, Victoria has been an appreciated addition to the team in 2017.

Construction Crew with Over 75 Years Com
Construction Crew  with Over 75 years Co
Our construction crews bring more than  75 years of combined experience to every job site.

The Town We Call Home 

Building Communities for 30 Years.

Liberty Land Company, also owned by Rick Beyer, has been the perfect compliment to R.L. Beyer Custom Homebuilders. Since the 1990’s, several charming and notable communities have emerged under the able management of Rick Beyer.


Other Communities in Charlottesville & Albemarle

Homes by R.L. Beyer Custom Homes have also been built in Inglegress, Dunlora, Northfields and Lake Monticello.

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